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PLANT MANAGER, Location: Cluj County

Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a partner company specialized in production in the automotive industry, for the following position:   PLANT MANAGER Location: Cluj County   General Purpose: Overseeing the daily workings of the factory’s operations. Planning, managing, and implementing actions, in order to ensure that deadlines are met, and maintaining a high-quality standard of product production and delivery.   Main Responsibilities: Finding the best solutions, in order to expand and optimize the business; Planning, directing and coordinating the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications; Reviewing processing schedules or production orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, or duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints; Directing or coordinating production, processing, distribution, or marketing activities of industrial organizations; Developing or implementing production tracking or quality control systems, analysing production, quality control, maintenance, or other operational reports,

GENERAL MANAGER, Location: Cluj-Napoca

  Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a company specialized in the production and distribution of consumer goods for the following position: GENERAL MANAGER  Location : Cluj-Napoca General Purpose  Shaping the work environment, setting strategy, allocating resources, developing managers, building the organization, and overseeing operations.   Essential Functions: As a general manager you should manage the overall operational, budgetary and financial responsibilities and activities of the business; Implement systems that perform the work and fulfill the mission and the goals of the company efficiently and effectively; Plan and allocate resources to effectively staff and accomplish the work to meet the company’s productivity and quality goals; Plan, evaluate, and improve the efficiency of business processes and procedures to enhance speed, quality, efficiency and output; Make business decisions that are financially responsible, accountable, justifiable, and defensible in accordance with the organizational policies and procedures; Establish and maintain relevant controls and feedback systems to monitor

DIRECTOR DE FILIALĂ, Locație: Cluj-Napoca

Psihoselect realizează procesul de Recrutare pentru una dintre cele mai reprezentative comunități de antreprenori și manageri de companii din România DIRECTOR DE FILIALĂ Locație: Cluj-Napoca     Responsabilități: Coordonarea filialei din Cluj-Napoca într-un mod care sprijină și ghidează misiunea organizației pe plan local; Comunicarea cu Consiliul Director și furnizarea la timp și cu acuratețe a tuturor informațiilor necesare; Asigurarea integrității fiscale a filialei din Cluj-Napoca, respectiv propunerea bugetului anual și pregătirea execuțiilor bugetare lunare; Asigurarea managementului fiscal, respectiv a faptului că filiala funcționează în limitele bugetului aprobat, că resursele sunt utilizate optim și că filiala rămâne într-o situație financiară pozitivă; Strângerea de fonduri și dezvoltarea altor resurse necesare care să susțină local misiunea organizației; Implementarea locală a programelor organizației; Dezvoltarea comunității locale a organizației, supervizarea și organizarea de evenimente pe plan local; Planificarea strategică prin care să se asigure că organizația își va îndeplini cu succes misiunea în Cluj-Napoca; Promovarea imaginii

OFFICE ENGINEER, Location: Cluj-Napoca

Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a multinational partner company, which is a leading provider of steam system solutions, for the following position: OFFICE ENGINEER Location – Cluj-Napoca   Responsibilities: Draws-up quotes and proposals / quotes solutions to dedicated customers-distributors; Draws-up quotes and proposals on behalf of sales engineers; Resolves internal and external technical support requests or issues related to product selection, application, specification, installation; An office engineer has to ensures proper CRM working in line with company procedures; Sizes solutions and applications; Interacts extensively with customers and partners via phone and e-mail or directly when requested; Focuses on achieving customer delight, by providing exemplary service both internally and externally, to impress the customer in line with expectations; Ensures all customer care issues are recorded on the appropriate system (CRM); Listens, understands and conveys customer requirements; An office engineer needs to provide technical support to the sales engineer; Generates proactive activities to


  Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a multinational partner company, specialized in offering professional IT services, for the following two positions: NETWORK SECURITY ENGINEER and SENIOR NETWORK SECURITY ENGINEER Location – Cluj-Napoca/ București   Description This position will integrate the Network Services organization, providing security services to the different Operating Companies. You will be responsible to implement and operate Network Security for projects and day-to-day operations to all locations worldwide.   Responsibilities:   Technical design and implementation of Security requests either through Agile or Waterfall methodologies to achieve the target on time, budget and expected quality; Providing guidance and support for our customers in the process of fulfilling requests to assure SLAs are being achieved; Act as an escalation point for resolution of complex security requests and operational issues as needed in a global scale; Work closely to our customers providing recurring updates and Management Reports for Security requests


 Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a company specialized in the production of solid wood furniture for the following position: SENIOR PRODUCT ENGINEER  Location: Cluj-Napoca   Responsibilities: Define product specifications, design products utilizing 3D CAD software, detail drawings for components and assemblies, and partner with the manufacturing team to utilize equipment and technical capabilities to develop new products; A Senior product engineer needs to lead manufacturing reviews to determine costs and identify the ability to produce requested products; Review product design for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, customer contract requirements, and related specifications; Support product sales and engage directly with local and global customers to ensure expectations are met; Apply knowledge to customer specific designs, and identify opportunities for design standardization across multiple product lines; As a senior product engineer you will need to prepare technical documents for products; Seek out and develop industry standards and new technical developments for design

Internship Online Marketing – Locatie: Cluj-Napoca

Let’s Grow Together! ITI  DORESTI  SA  AFLI  CE  FACE UN ONLINE MARKETEER ? HAI LA NOI ! Descrierea firmei: bla bla bla… facem lucruri misto. Scuze, am zis misto? Foarte misto! Clientii nostri sunt multumiti, ne lauda si ne mai cauta! Ne recomanda si altora pentru ca suntem extraordinari! Facem “de toate” – poti sa vezi detalii pe site-ul nostru … which  is   L o a d i n g   now … Cu siguranta te intrebi: ce voi face la Psihoselect in acest stagiu de Internship? Te vei ocupa de managementul conturilor noastre sociale: facebook, linkedin, instagram; Administrarea si dezvoltarea canalelor de comunicare; Gasirea de noi metode pentru promovare; Postari si revizuiri de continut; Construirea de strategii de comunicare; Realizare plan de marketing; SEO si SEM; E-mail marketing: redactarea si trimiterea de newslettere periodice abonatilor; Realizarea de analize/rapoarte privind activitatile de online marketing; Copywriting: newsletter, blog posts, articole, descrieri, traduceri. Content marketing: imagini,


  Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for a multinational partner company, specialized in furniture production GENERAL MANAGER LOCATION – CLUJ COUNTY   Responsibilities:   Writing a new viable business plan and strategy according to the general goals of the owners; Business development – Adopting and implementing the actions required in order to follow the business plan in coordination with the company owners; Providing company quarter reports as to the performances of the business and operational plan goals. Accountability – following institutional and authorities requirements, obtaining all licenses required by law; Plan and direct the company financial activity according to the company operational, budgets, income with the financial manager’s; Generate and allocate funds for development via available financial sources as banks, European funds and other institutional and private sources in cost effective terms subject to the owners consulting; Develop or implement product-marketing strategies, including participation in domestic and international exhibitions. Prepare and

HR Internship – Cluj-Napoca

Descrierea firmei: … facem lucruri misto. Scuze, am zis misto? Foarte misto! Clientii nostri sunt multumiti, ne lauda si ne mai cauta! Am zis ca ne cauta? Scuze, ne recomanda si altora pentru ca suntem extraordinari! Facem ‘de toate’ – poti sa vezi detalii pe site-ul nostru … which is currently under construction… 🙂 Ce vei face ca HR Trainee? Cautarea si selectia candidatilor pentru proiectele in care te vei implica; Promovarea proiectelor deschise pe site-urile de specialitate; Intervievarea telefonica a candidatilor pre-selectati; Participarea la interviuri pe skype; Interviuri fata in fata cu viitorii interni; Intocmirea rapoartelor pentru candidatii finalisti; Administrarea si actualizarea bazei de date. Noi, Psihoselect, punem accentul pe echipa, pe “doing things differently”, pe inovatie, rezultate si mai ales pe momentele frumoase in care ne bem cafeaua impreuna. Beneficiile tale: Program part-time, flexibil; Te vei implica intr-un proiect inca din faza incipienta pana la finalizarea acestuia; Pe perioada programului de hr internship vei invata


Aplici pentru acest job?   Responsabilități / Cerințe: Disponibilitate 24 ore din 24, 7 zile din 7, 365 zile pe an; Mobilitate (stat în picioare constant); Fără pauză de masă (doar după ce asociatul a luat masa); Abilități interpersonale și de negociere foarte bune; Cunoștințe în următoarele domenii: medicină, gastronomie și finanțe; Atenție constantă îndreptată spre asociat; Fără timp de odihnă! Capacitatea de a lucra într-un mediu haotic (fără vacanțe, mai ales în perioada sărbătorilor) => DACĂ AI O VIAȚĂ, TREBUIE SĂ RENUNȚI LA EA!;   ATENȚIE: Acest job NU este plătit!!! Aplici pentu acest job? Sunt miliarde de oameni care o fac! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB3xM93rXbY