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Psihoselect realizează pentru compania parteneră, specializată în servicii de contabilitate, procesul de selecție pentru poziția de: ECONOMIST – CONTABIL Locație: Cluj-Napoca Responsabilităţi: • Înregistrarea operațiunilor contabile până la nivel de balanță – bilanț; • Înregistrarea notelor contabile; • Întocmirea registrului de casă; • Înregistarea facturilor; • Înregistrarea bonurilor de consum; • Operarea extraselor de bancă; • Întocmirea și înregistrarea deconturilor; • Întocmirea și depunerea declarațiilor către instituțiile locale și de stat; • Reconcilierea și închiderea conturilor lunare în conformitate cu legislația în vigoare și procedurile interne ale companiei; • Relaționarea prin telefon și e-mail cu clienții și furnizorii companiei; • Propunerea de soluții și proceduri pentru eficientizarea activității departamentului.   Cerinţe: • Experiență în domeniul financiar-contabil – minimum 3 ani; • Cunoștințe foarte bune de operare calculator: programe de tip ERP; • Cunoștințe avansate de operare Excel; • Studii economice finalizate; • Cunoștințe solide în domeniul legislației contabile și fiscale.


Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for our partner, a company specialized in production and distribution of building materials, for the following position: SENIOR BUYER Location: Cluj-Napoca/Zalău Responsabilities: Purchasing assigned products at the best total cost, consistent with quality, cost, delivery and other requirements at the plant level; Maintaining and reviewing supplier performance reports to ensure conformance to supplier management goals (cost, quality, service, delivery); Planing, implementing and leading strategies for supplier management initiatives such as the supplier quality standard, supply assurance programs, commodity pricing/market trending, cost; improvement projects, value improvement projects (VIP) and minority sourcing; Developing strong, ethical relationships with key suppliers to ensure a beneficial relationship; Working effectively with internal departments (logistics, marketing, plant manufacturing, quality assurance, etc.) to support goals; Developing understanding of all relevant purchasing/logistic computer systems to manage day-to-day activities such as open POs, inventory, MRP reports, supplier reports, etc.; Providing consultation to management and other

CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER – Location: Cluj-Napoca/Zalau

Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for our partner, a company specialized in production and distribution of building materials, for the following position: CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER Location: Cluj-Napoca/Zalău Responsabilities: Collaborating with engineers, architects and others to determine the specifications of the project; Checking the construction stages and elaborating working situations; Negotiating contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements; Obtaining permits and licenses from appropriate authorities; Determining needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to budgetary limitations; Planning all construction operations and schedule intermediate phases to ensure that deadlines will be met; Acquiring equipment and materials and monitoring stocks to timely handle inadequacies; Hiring contractors and other staff and allocating responsibilities; Supervising the work of laborers, mechanics etc. and giving them guidance when needed; Developing full-scale project plans and associated communication documents; Evaluating progress and preparing detailed reports; Ensuring adherence to all health and safety standards and

TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER – Location: Cluj-Napoca/Zalău

Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for our partner, a company specialized in production and distribution of building materials, for the following position: TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER Location: Cluj-Napoca/Zalău Responsabilities: Identifying appropriate solutions to implement the project, according to the business goals established by senior management and stakeholders; Establishing the process flow according to technology specifications in order to reach the expected results; Overseeing the implementation of technology and production process; Ensuring that the production is cost effective, technological and quality wise; Developing full-scale project plans and associated communication documents; Effectively communicating project milestones to project team members and stakeholders; Estimating the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals; Estimating costs and set the quality standards; Monitoring product standards and implement quality-control programs; Drafting and submitting budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary; Monitoring the production processes from a technological point of view and adjusting schedules as needed; Determining


Psihoselect realizează pentru compania parteneră, specializată în producția de mobilier din lemn masiv, procesul de selecție pentru poziția de:   MANAGER PRODUCȚIE Locație: Cluj Responsabilități: Coordonarea și asigurarea întregului proces de producție; Asigurarea funcționării corespunzătoare a firmei din punct de vedere tehnic și managerial în conformitate cu politicile și strategiile de producție ale companiei; Planificarea activităților de producție în secțiile de producție în funcție de planul de producție stabilit, pentru a asigura realizarea integrală a indicatorilor cantitativi și calitativi stabiliți; Implementarea proceselor de producție și dezvoltarea acestora pentru noile produse; Oferirea de suport tehnic în procesul de producție; Analizarea periodică a stadiului atingerii indicatorilor de performanță și stabilirea măsurilor în consecință; Urmărirea creșterii productivității muncii; Coordonarea activității departamentului de producție (resurse umane, procese, îmbunătățirea proiectelor), într-o manieră funcțională, cu scopul de a îndeplini indicatorii companiei: indicatori de productivitate, indicatori de calitate și încadrarea în limitele bugetului; Instruirea personalului de producție

FACTORY MANAGER, Location – Cluj

  Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for our partner, a multinational company specialized in furniture production. We are looking for a: FACTORY MANAGER Location – Cluj   Responsibilities:   Planning, directing, or coordinating the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications; Review processing schedules or production orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, or duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints; Direct or coordinate production, processing, distribution, or marketing activities of industrial organizations; Develop or implement production tracking or quality control systems, analyzing production, quality control, maintenance, or other operational reports, to detect production problems; Review operations and confer with technical or administrative staff to resolve production or processing problems; Hire, train, evaluate, or discharge staff or resolve personnel grievances; Prepare and maintain production reports or personnel records; Set and monitor product standards, examining samples of


Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for the following position: SENIOR PROCESS ENGINEER COORDINATOR Location – Cluj County The company is a multinational industry leader, specialized in electronics production.     Role: Design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes, including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination.   Responsibilities:   Plan and establish sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble products and to promote efficient utilization; Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities; Estimate production costs, cost saving methods, and the effects of product design changes on expenditures for management review, action, and control; Draft and design layout of equipment, materials, and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency using drafting tools and computer; Coordinate and implement quality control objectives, activities, or procedures to resolve production problems, maximize


Psihoselect performs the Recruitment Process for the following position: TEST ENGINEER (AUTOMATION ENGINEER) Location: Cluj-Napoca The company is a multinational industry leader, specialized in electronics production.   Responsibilities: Schedules and performs testing as assigned; Evaluates and reports on test execution results Creates and modify test programs and production networks; Manages and generates labels whenever needed; Generates appropriate documentation specifying equipment requirements; Support the development of optimum assembly procedures and systems for the product lines and automation upgrades; Defines controls systems, devices and machinery; Sets up printers on production lines; Generates reports that contain test and traceability values; Solves problems related to testing, monitoring, validation and traceability equipment.     Requirements: Experience on a similar position; Knowledge of networking, MS SQL and C ++; Knowledge in programming (Visual Basic), PLC, Windows Server and system administration; Basic knowledge in electrical circuits; Knowledge of English: medium-advanced; Attention to details; Good organizational skills.    


Psihoselect realizează pentru compania parteneră, specializată în importul și distribuția de produse de birotică, papetărie și curățenie, procesul de selecție pentru poziția de: REGIONAL SALES MANAGER Locație: Sibiu / Hunedoara / Alba   Responsabilităţi: Dezvoltarea și extinderea brandului în regiunea alocată; Promovarea și vânzarea brandurilor existente în portofoliul companiei; Prospectarea pieței și oferirea de informații despre produsele și serviciile identificate; Stabilirea și menținerea relațiilor cu clienții noi și cu cei existenți; Identificarea clienților finali din aria de interes a companiei; Negocierea și încheierea contractelor cu clienții; Analizarea permanentă a fiecărei colaborări cu clienții prin prisma politicii de dezvoltare pe termen mediu a companiei; Analizarea înregistrărilor operaționale și transmiterea proiectelor de vânzări, determinând profitabilitatea; Informarea distribuitorilor și comercianților despre proceduri și politici pentru a asigura funcționalitatea eficientă a companiei; Conducerea, coordonarea și verificarea activităților de vânzare și suport vânzări; Întocmirea de rapoarte zilnice utilizând sistemul ERP al companiei; Coordonarea și comunicarea

PURCHASING MANAGER – Location: Cluj-Napoca

  Psihoselect performs the recruitment and selection process for a multinational company specialized in production and distribution of mechanical components, for the following position: Purchasing Manager Location – Cluj-Napoca     Responsibilities:   Represent companies in negotiating contracts and formulating policies with suppliers; Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in buying; Proposal to hire and interview staff, and oversee staff training; Locate vendors of materials, equipment or supplies, and interview them to determine product availability and terms of sales; Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipment; Develop and implement purchasing and contract management instructions, policies, and procedures; Maintain records of goods ordered and received; Participate in the development of specifications for equipment, products or substitute materials; Analyze market and delivery systems to assess present and future material availability; Resolve vendor or contractor grievances, and claims against suppliers; Control purchasing department budgets; Review purchase order claims